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Value for Money at Chutney Indian


Value for Money at Chutney Indian

Pattaya city is a great place to enjoy sun, sand, beach, beer, and food. If you are looking to enhance your fun by looking for the delicious Indian food near me, you will reach at the Chutney Indian to find you spoiled for plenty to choose from. With a variety of options in its menu, it offers something for everyone.

Chutney Indian restaurant is not an average Indian street food restaurant yet offers great value for money with affordable price for quality food and generous portions. The restaurant’s cosy ambience and eager to please you staff, makes every visit a great choice for a perfect spot to relax and enjoy its amazing Indian cuisine in an amazing atmosphere. 

With its delicious food, great service, and value for money, Chutney Indian restaurant is the top Indian restaurant in Pattaya. In 2019, it was rated in the top 10% restaurant for taste, quality ingredients, ambiance, and great value for money at the TripAdvisor.

We explore 5 reasons to why the Chutney Indian is a value-for-money restaurant in Pattaya city.

5 Reasons to Visit Chutney Indian

Chutney Indian brings a new revolution in the Indian dine-in concept restaurants. For over two decades, chefs here have been prepared every dish with of passion, care and love. Its menu is carefully created to suit the culinary preferences of the modern gourmet food lovers. Each dish, from the latest trends to the vintage favourites, reflects a distinct style and flavor. And these are just a few of the numerous reasons to visit Chutney Indian for a great culinary experience.

Great Ambience

In a tourist town, it is very easy to get conned into eating at a cheap place. Now imagine dining at or next to smelly, dingy, dark, or shabby place while searching for food. You don’t want it? Right?

Chutney Indian has a wonderful ambiance. Designed by the one of the best decorators who design 5-star hotels, it has everything - from the lighting, seating, décor, and outside view – t0 make your visit a world-class dining experience. Its set up is top class yet will not make you feel out of the place chatty meal with family or friends or a romantic rendezvous. It ambiance reflects the Chutney Indian brand and its USP, making the customers visit again with friends and family.


Most common place restaurants have similar cooking style, servings, and seating area without care if the customers feel any special about the food taste, quality, and atmosphere. At the Chutney Indian, staff works hard to ensure every element creates a uniquely positive and enjoyable impression on its guests. Its uniqueness comes from over 20 years of serving guests with variety of taste, and dishes modified from various parts of India. Chefs at the Chutney Indian are unchanged in the last 20 years. But their preparations have - to bring modern tastes for the modern pallets. Chutney Indian is a heritage-theme restaurant creating special and flavourful recipes that remind its guests of what they have loved for years.

Impeccable Taste

No doubt, the flavor of Indian food is the primary consideration. Intriguing aspect of Indian cuisine is that even a tiny change of spice content, can alter flavor completely.

Chutney Indian provides the finest Indian curries prepared with a secret combination of special spices. At the Chutney Indian, the intricate mix of spices is kept a like a Coca Cola recipe secret, to produce a harmoniously distinctive flavor.

Large Selection in the Menu

Chutney Indian offers a large variety of Indian delicacies like Indian vegetarian foods, south Indian foods, seafood, and street foods such as chaat-papri, pani puri, chole bathure, etc. Its top favourites are kebab, curry, biryani, grill, tandoori chicken, butter chicken, daal makhani, and north Indian tikkas. Also, its desserts, drinks, and alcohol are the perfect add-ons. 

Top quality at affordable price

You may know that India is famous for its affordable food options where people with relatively small budget can fill their bellies to hilt. While Chutney Indian is not your fill up your belly with average taste inexpensive food, its menu is affordable and relatively cheap for the quality and service provided. Other Indian restaurants in Pattaya may offer low priced menu, but they often use low quality ingredients with harmful additives to mask the poor taste of not fresh ingredients and recycled cooked meals. You can come Chutney Indian with your squad to enjoy desi Indian food at reasonable price without any concerns of quality.

Don’t Miss the Pleasant Dining Experience at Chutney Indian!

So, what is holding you back?

Visit Chutney Indian restaurant at the Terminal 21 mall or the Avani, Beach Road location, the next time you are in Pattaya! You will be glad that you did. Its restaurants are hugely popular and centrally located in Pattaya shopping mall and Avani resort & hotel. 

Both its branches offer open, roomy, welcoming, and tranquil atmospheres. You may shopping the whole day, and enjoy a wonderful Indian breakfast, lunch, and dinner with family and friends. Or select a quiet corner in the outside terrace area if you are feeling romantic.

Chutney Indian is well regarded for authentic taste that has made us a popular choice for delicious Indian meal. Its large variety menu appeals to people from all walks of life. 

Together with fantastic food, it also offers a setting that brings enjoyment and plentiful relaxation. It will make your visit a memorable dining experience, adding special spices and herbs to make you desirous of wanting more!