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Indian Food in Pattaya | Chutney Indian


Indian Food in Pattaya | Chutney Indian


Indian restaurants are known for their delicious and authentic flavours, making them popular among the diners worldwide. From the vibrant colors of spices to the fragrant aromas of traditional dishes, Indian cuisine offers something for everyone. 


In Pattaya city, Chutney Indian is the best Indian restaurant that serves mouth-watering dishes with appetising flavors and authentic taste. Whether I is a spicy curry or a mild tandoori dish, Chutney Indian will tantalize your taste buds and leave you wanting more!


Keep reading to know what this place holds for its customers!

What Makes Chutney Indian the Best Indian Restaurant in Pattaya?

Chutney Indian is the best Indian restaurant in Pattaya for anyone looking to indulge in delicious Indian cuisine. From flavourful curries and tandoori kebabs and grills to the traditional Lebanese food and desserts, it has something for everyone. 


The restaurant also offers a wide selection of drinks and alcohol, making it the perfect place to enjoy a night out with friends or family. With its convenient location near popular attractions, Chutney Indian is the ideal spot for you if you are in Pattaya city and tired of looking for an Indian restaurant near me.


Here's why you should give this place a try:

World Class Ambience

The top Indian restaurant, Chutney Indian, offers a good ambiance that will enhance your overall dining experience. We have unique decor designed to reflect our cuisine and brand identity. With a good accommodating space and a suitable color scheme, we offer the sociable environment you are looking for.

Among Top 10% of restaurants worldwide

Chutney Indian achieved a top distinction on being a Traveller’s choice winner on TripAdvisor.




Delicious Food

This restaurant's food menu has been designed to cater to the taste palates of modern food lovers. From trendsetters to vintage favorites, every dish brings out our unique style and distinct flavor. From Indian vegetarian foods, including Dal Makhani, Vegan Broccoli Tikka, Garlic Naan, and South Indian Foods, to Non-Veg items like Tandoori Chicken, Butter Chicken, Prawn Curries and Saag Meat, we serve it all!

Good Hygiene

As customers prefer to dine at a clean and tidy restaurant, we prioritize end-to-end hygiene at our restaurant. Also, our employees are well-groomed in clean uniforms, and each table is sanitized after every use. Therefore, we maintain a high standard of cleanliness to ensure the health and safety of our customers and employees.

Skilled Management

We at Chutney Indian are known for our efficient and skilled management. The management aims to provide you with a lively ambiance, lip-smacking food, and much more, making it a go-to option in Pattaya. They ensure that everything is diligently followed and that our customers have a pleasant experience. 

The Menu of Deliciousness at Chutney Indian Restaurant in Pattaya

Love Indian food? Your search is finally over! Chutney Indian serves top-rated Indian cuisine with authentic flavors. Here's what you can get:


Soups are super popular all over India! Experience the exotic flavors healthy soups/shorbas to enjoy with your favourite bread. 


Rich, mouth-watering curries are the specialty of India! Have the hot and spicy curries that go well with pieces of bread and rice.

Tandoori Items

Those who love a hint of spiciness will get to taste a distinct smoky charcoal flavor with a blend of masalas. 


Biryani is made using long-grained basmati rice with layers of aromatic spices. At Chutney Indian, you will experience Dum Biryani, Prawn Biryani, Vegetable Biryani, and a lot more!

Fresh Breads

These are freshly rolled out doughs to have, which are a must-try with our hot and spicy curries. You can have Tawa Roti, Missi Roti, Garlic Naan, and more!

Street Food

Street food is the heart of India! Samosas, Aloo Puri, Papri Chaat and what not? Have these snacks since each of them is made with love. 


These culinary traditions have an abundance of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and seafood. We serve a range of items from Falafel to Fatouche.

Fusion Chinese

Let's combine the elements of different culinary traditions! Have chili chicken, schezwan prawns, and a lot more.


What's Indian food without something sweet? Get to each delicious desserts like Gulab Jamun, Kulfi, Phirni, and drool!


Drinks are the perfect companion that's refreshing and simultaneously gives a flavor sensation. Whether you need something sweet or savory, we have it all!

Discover the Flavourful World of Authentic Indian Cuisine at Chutney Indian Restaurant in Pattaya!

So what are you holding out for? Do visit us the next time you are in Pattaya! You will be glad that you did.

 We are known for our authentic taste, making us a popular choice for people looking for a delicious meal. The variety of dishes our restaurant offer makes us so appealing to people from all walks of life. 

 We not only offer great food but also provide an atmosphere that is conducive to relaxation and enjoyment. With a unique blend of spices and herbs, we create an unforgettable dining experience that will leave you wanting more!


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